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"Worn Red" - Custom G&G Guitar case with vintage Navajo blanket top and leather back.


Show up in style and set the tone letting people know you take pride in your music and your gear before you ever play a note.


You can also decorate your home or studio with pride sharing these gorgeous vintage blankets that have been repurposed to protect your precious guitar.


These custom one of a kind guitar cases are made in collaboration the legendary G&G Quality Case Co. right here in Los Angeles since the 1960's.


G&G has been making hard cases for some of the biggest in the business for over 50 years , including Fender.


Ultra tough construction will protect your precious instrument from all rigors of the road and general transport.


Soft and plush poodle interiors will keep your guitar soft and comfy.

These cases will fit any standard Strat or Tele size guitar.


All exterior fabrics vary depending on what we have in stock at any given time and most of them are vintage blankets. 


These materials range from Southwestern Blankets, to Native American Blankets to Horse Blankets to Persian Rugs and Antique French Tapestries

All fabrics are hand chosen by Gio and paired with the best color / grain tolex to cover the bottom of the case with.


If you would like to see more specific details feel free to contact us to discuss current options.

We can accommodate other guitar sizes by special order.


Never mistake your case again with an average, old, boring case.

Custom Vintage Blanket Guitar Case - Worn Red


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