Our Outlaw-X T2 Alnico 2 pickups are made to look as good as they sound with their laser etched Flame Maple Hardwood Top and Hand-Wound Coils. Custom laser-etched graphics are also available.


The Bridge pickup with it’s Alnico 2 rods are full-bodied, warm and are smoothly balanced across the spectrum with the classic twang you would expect. Great for finger and pick players alike. Fully lacquered and wax potted with the classic copper-covered steel base plate.


The neck pickup has all the qualities of the T2 bridge pickup with added clarity without the muffling traditional neck pickup cover. You will hear articulation like never before from your Tele neck pickup. The neck pickup is RWRP to provide a hum-canceling middle position.


T2 Pickups can be special ordered with custom Woods, Graphics, Stains, and Winds.
Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for delivery as they are made to order.


• Bridge Specs: Alnico 2, 6.7K, 8500w (Custom winding available at no extra cost)
• Neck Specs: Alnico 2, 8.2k, 8500w (Custom wind available at no extra cost)