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The Whitey Amplifier is designed for those who know where we've come from and embrace the limitless future of tone.

8 decades of rich amplifier history inform every aspect of this legendary amp.


New MKIII Additions:

  • 3rd preamp tube added.
  • Full dual triode tube now dedicated to the split tail phase inversion.
  • Dual triode phase inversion allows bigger, louder, bolder clean tones.
  • Think 5E3 1/2 triode phase inversion (old MKI & II Versions) compared to Tweed Bassman phase inversion (MKIII)
  • Negative feedback loop.
  • Negative feedback loop controlled presence for tailoring in high frequencies and adding high end crunch.
  • More gain available at lower volumes making it more useable at home and in lower volume situations.



A mix of super cleans and high gains in an easy to control 4 knob layout.

Imagine a Tweed Bassman / Marshall Plexi mashup style circuit that takes the best of both legendary amps and distills them into a single-channel, single-input 1x12” 30 Watt powerhouse.


Whitey MKIII #20 Specs:

  • 30 Watts of Output
  • Tone, Volume, Gain and Presence / Hi Frequency Controls
  • 2x EHX Sovtek 6V6 Power Tubes,  No Re-Biasing Necessary
  • 1x EHX 12AY7 Preamp Tube in V1 (closer to tweed preamp gain staging)
  • 2x 12AX7 Preamp Tubes (V2 & V3)
  • Vintage Solid Pine Cabinetry with Oak Hardwood Splined Miter Joints for Strength & Solid Wood Corner to Corner
  • 12" Celestion Creamback 75w Speaker
  • Vintage Marshall Style Salt & Pepper Style Basket Weave Grill Cloth
  • -Entire Amp Constructed Completely By Hand and Hand Wired in Los Angeles CA

Whitey MKIII #20 | Black Volt Amplification


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